CREER - Cluster Research, Excellence in Ecodesign & Recycling


Origins of CREER
CREER stands for Cluster Research: Excellence in Ecodesign & Recycling

Founded in Spring 2007, CREER brings together today (over) fifty actives members, which range from large corporations and SMEs to technical centres of excellence.

CREER’s first objective is to promote non-competitive research in ecodesign and recycling of products. Joint research efforts and field tests aim specifically at improving SMEs' knowledge in ecodesign and recycling.

Close cooperation between industry, the scientific community and State organisations is building a knowledge base and tools for use by industry. This is done through an intelligent information platform, tools for the recycling chain and guidance on Life Cycle Analysis.

CREER is at the heart of an international network whose members include the Centre de Recherche Industrielle du Québec (CRIQ), the Technical University in Denmark and the Centre de Recherche Public Henri Tudor in Luxembourg.


Working by projects

Members join project-based clusters which are of interest to them . The creation of a given project is first validated by the board of directors, after each project members define their own objectives, select partners and arrange for financing.  

Missions and objectives


Today CREER involves about 50 members, SMEs as well as large industrial companies and technical centers. One must be a member of CREER to participate in any project. Membership is subject to acceptance by the steering committee whose members are the founders (Steelcase, ENSAM, Groupe SEB, CETIM, Veolia Environnement, Renault and Plastic Omnium).



Completed projects :

Three projects have been completed.

Other projects :